What is the Personal Touch Career Services?

The hiring maze can be a challenge.  For job seekers, it is a frustrating game of guesswork, hidden rules, and lost communication.  With such challenges, how can a job hunter not only find that perfect job but win it?

At the Personal Touch Career Services, we understand this mysterious landscape from multiple angles.  For over 10 years, we have guided job seekers through the hiring jungle with practical tools and classes for their job search.  Thanks to our founder Donna Shannon’s eight years of Human Resources and Recruitment experience, we know how the hiring process works and what employers seek in their candidates.


Better Resume with a Business Team Racing Concept


In today’s competitive market, you need a resume that is relevant, effective, visually appealing and key word optimized. Due to years of experience in Human Resources and professional resume writing, we know what employers want.  Our trademarked Key Element Detector™ will ensure the right key words are in your resume, helping you move through the strict screening process.




LinkedIn is hands-down the largest and most trusted social networking site for professionals, with over 400 million users worldwide.  Are you making the most of it?  Whether you are looking for a job or if you just want to become more effective in your current role, gaining mastery of LinkedIn is vital for your career.  With our specific LinkedIn experience, we have you covered.




Job searching has changed.  From the rise of social media to the scarcity of posted positions, the employment game is not the same as even a couple of years ago.  Are you using the latest techniques to land a job you love?

With our career coaching services, we give you the practical tools to hunt down and land that next great position.




No one likes letting employees go. However, investing in outplacement services not only helps the released employees with the transition, but also helps the employer by reducing the financial burden of unemployment and other hidden costs.  Our customizable options allow us to offer services that can help every level of employee in your organization.




As one of our core values, we will be honest with you. If your resume only needs a few adjustments, we’ll tell you that. If it needs a complete overhaul to reach your goals, we will tell you that. You can count on us to tell it like it is.


When you work with us we wholly work for you. We do not have an outside agenda to try to make you in something you are not.  We do not share your confidential information or your job leads.


Fair Pricing

Our rates are published on our website. While it may be necessary to raise our prices on occasion, we will not add extra charges to you without notice.



Solid Counsel

Our methods are based on eight years of corporate recruitment and two years of private placement.  We will teach you the tactics that work, not just clever marketing tricks that may not be effective with the HR department or the hiring manager.


  • Donna was great to work with, I needed a fresh eye to look at my resumes and help me achieve better results. She delivered resumes that were well focused and no fluff. I would highly recommend Donna's services to anyone who needs a well written resume. The various formats available, the very important one on one interview prior to producing the new resumes, and Donna's wealth of experience really helped my efforts. Working with Personal Touch is something I am glad I did. Robert A, 6/14/2017

  • Amazing service and top notch professionalism. I will definitely recommend to my colleagues. Fernando H, 12/19/2017

  • Donna was incredibly helpful and made a large difference in the ultimate success of my graduate school interviews. After not interviewing for a few years, she brought me up to speed on best tactics, calmed my nerves and helped ensure I could present myself confidently. I would recommend Donna to anyone looking to excel in an interview. Rachel R, 11/18/2017