Who DOESN’T Want a Job? The Un-Job Fair

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CFU unjob fairOn Saturday, June 1, 2013 the Colorado Free University will host their 4th annual Un-Job Fair in Denver!

Favorite presenters return and many new experts in the area of business development join in. The Un-Job Fair is created for people who own their own business or are considering launching one. Get great tips and strategies for success in a business you are already running or get ideas for new businesses to launch. Our team of self-employment experts have all been in the trenches themselves and have real world experience. No hype, just lots of practical, proven strategies for launching and sustaining your own profitable venture.

The full-day program includes:

Why Aren’t We All Self-Employed?  – Barbara J. Winter
Whether you are already on the path of self-employment or are just considering starting your own business, explore the myths, rumors, and opportunities of becoming you own boss.
Zero-Cost Marketing Strategies  – Paul Mladjenovic, CFP
No matter what product or service you want to provide or what opportunity you pursue, the obstacle every entrepreneur faces when seeking success boils down to marketing!

Pay Yourself First – Jennifer Croft
So you want to be self-employed—how much money do you want to make? Learn how to use a simple 5-minute formula to calculate how many products or services you’ll need to sell to pay yourself the salary you need.

Developing Your Digital Marketing Strategy- Jennifer Hilburn
Explore what is involved in creating a digital marketing strategy and how it can lead to business success.

Stay Motivated in Your Business – Donna Shannon
You have a lot riding on your shoulders and it’s easy to lose your direction when building a business. Learn five great ways to fight the distractions and personal doubt to create a powerful business model.

Great Small Business Ideas to Start Quickly & Cheaply – Stan Carpenter
Get ideas for starting businesses that are easy to start-up at low cost and low investment.
Maximizing Personal Productivity – Simon Zyrd
One thing all entrepreneurs have in common is too much to do and too little time. Learn the key principles of personal productivity and powerful disciplines and systems that anyone can use to exponentially boost their productivity.

10 Ways To Market Your Business On The Internet – Jennifer Croft
Learn how to increase your exposure on the Internet! Discover 10 Internet marketing strategies, most of which are free, and some of which take less than 10 minutes to implement.
Innovation for Entrepreneurs – Drew Volle
Creativity is essential for success in business today. Drawing on research from psychology and neuroscience find how the creative process works.

Creating a Compelling Presentation – Erik Palmer
Building a business often involves some public speaking. Learn the 5 key elements to building a speech that people will actually listen to.

Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! – Tama J Kieves
It’s time to live from inspiration instead of fear, vision instead of convention. You can catapult your creativity, vision, or business into the world and pay your bills at the same time.

 Using Digital Marketing to Sell Products – Dan Wilson
Businesses need to be strategic in their use of online marketing. Understanding how the advent of digital marketing has changed the sales cycle is critical for determining how and when to use your digital marketing campaigns.

Legal Entities 101 – Elizabeth Lewis
Every new business owner faces legal and tax questions – These answers and more will be discussed in this presentation.

LinkedIn for Business Promotion – Lindsey Day
LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers! More and more businesses, including every Fortune 500 companies, are using LinkedIn to promote their company.
Turning Personal Experiences Into Profit Centers – Barbara Winter
While it could be argued that every business is influenced and informed by our personal experiences, a great deal of opportunity goes unused when we fail to see the potential of putting that experience to work.

Profitable Mega-Trends & Opportunities – Paul Mladjenovic
There are tremendous opportunities unfolding right now that you can profit from as a micro-entrepreneur, on a part- or full-time basis.

Facebook, Social Media and Viral Marketing: Connecting the Dots – Bill Eager
Get an overview of how Facebook can benefit your business. Learn how it can help you connect with prospects and customers.

Write a Book and Become an Expert in Your Field – Othniel Seiden, MD
Having a book can be the key to getting invitations for public presentations. It is not as difficult as you think to put your ideas and your professional story into print.


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