Our ATS (Automated Tracking System) Optimized Resumes

Resumes suitable for any industry

Choose a resume that represents you

 All of these sample resumes can be customized to fit your needs. Most professional resumes will be one- to two-pages long.

Modern resumes offer more choices than the typical formats promoted 15 years ago. Modern styling, a splash of color, or a even traditional layout can help the employers gain a clear picture of who you are.

Two-page resume designs

Envision your career elevated

A professional resume does more than just state your skills, experience, and education. It can help you focus your achievements and gain confidence to take your career to the next level.

With a two-page resume, you not only cover all of the critical key words for the ATS screening process, but have enough space to attract the hiring managers.

Introducing the Networking Resume

Need to make a fast impression at an event, a job fair, or for a hiring manager?

A one-page stylized resume can open the doors to a new job.

Also known as infographic resumes, graphic resumes, or visual resumes, these one-page marketing tools are designed to showcase your top skills, experience, education, and achievements in a matter of seconds. While not suitable for the ATS screening processes due to the streamlined nature of the key words, they are fantastic to share at events or when emailing a key decision maker directly.