consulting for job seekersIt’s true. No one really likes going through a reduction in force or rightsizing the company. Hard decisions are made. Employees are thrown into flux, uncertain of their own future. Fortunately, outplacement services can get them on the fast track to a new job as soon as possible.

Google defines outplacement as “the provision of assistance to laid-off employees in finding new employment, either as a benefit provided by the employer directly, or through a specialist service.” What it really means is giving your loyal employees a fighting chance in the competitive job market.

Recruitment methods change. Social media sites like LinkedIn have become paramount in the modern job search. Even the face of networking has changed as we rely more on digital devices as traditional outlets like monthly professional association meetings wane.

How prepared is your workforce to deal with these impacts?


89% of respondents said the most important reason for offering outplacement was to help their transitioning employees get a new job.

As for the employee, outplacement helps them move on from the shock and grief of losing their job and into a proactive job search plan. Having an experienced guide and career coach can make the difference between languishing in uncertainty to implementing specific action steps that generate real results.


Only 26% of respondents thought senior executives were the level of employees that would gain the most value from outplacement services.


In contrast, 82% of respondents had offered outplacement services to senior executives.

Who should receive outplacement?

Many outplacement firms concentrate on the executive suite. While we certainly have experience in this sector, we have provided services to every experience level – from a call center whose relocation caused the layoff of 40 employees to dedicated mid-level account managers for a major healthcare provider’s corporate office.

As our outplacement services can be customized to your specific needs and budget, you can actually create a plan that will benefit all of your employees. Some options include:

  • Group classes on resume writing, interviewing, job searching, and LinkedIn
  • Resume and cover letter reviews and editing
  • Resume writing services for all experience levels
  • Individual career coaching
  • Career counseling to identify other possible careers

Why you should choose The Personal Touch

It’s all in our name – we believe in giving our clients the personal touch with all of our services. We don’t treat our clients like a number, even in the classroom environment. Our writers have been carefully screened and trained to provide the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our founder, Donna Shannon, is a former HR professional and recruiter. Since 2004, she has been teaching people a better way to find a job, navigate the HR maze, track down hiring managers, and shine in interviews.

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