The private service industry is experiencing a recruitment crisis. The problem? Not enough qualified applicants to fill all the open positions.

Since the covid vaccine became widely available in 2021, high-net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals and families are more comfortable hiring staff and managers for their private estates. As a result, the need for estate managers, personal assistants, household managers, butlers, private chefs, and nannies has reached unprecedented levels.

The Recruiter’s Opinion
Over the past month, I spoke with many agency owners, and the news is the same across the board: they have the jobs; they just need the talent to fill them. From New York to California and everything in-between, employers are eager to hire leaders and individual staff members.

Many staffing agencies are expanding their experience requirements to tap new talent pools. For example, some recruiters will consider a background in industries with transferrable skills instead of the traditional five years of experience in managing an estate.

“85% of the time, we need SOME level of private service experience,” mentioned Daniel Wood with Domestic Match in San Francisco, CA. “Although now we are willing to work with what that definition means.”

General Managers of luxury hotels, Executive Personal Assistants who supported top C-Level executives, or chefs who catered private dinners for HNW clients are all making successful transitions into the private service realm.

Seeking the Best of the Best
True, the labor shortage is very real. However, these HNW employers don’t want to just throw bodies into their open roles.

“Everyone wants the best of the best,” stated Christopher Baker with the Christopher Baker Staffing.

Because of the competition for talent, salaries are increasing. It’s definitely a candidate’s market, especially considering the shortage of knowledgeable and experienced private service professionals who understand what top-level service really means.

Professionalism is the Key to a New Job
While the need for talent is substantial, a successful job search still requires the utmost professionalism, from your resume to your interview skills. After all, if the agency or the principals cannot see the value of your background right away, they will continue to search and wait for the perfect candidate.

Speed is of the essence for recruitment in a tight market. Resumes that clearly explain the candidate’s talents, skills, experience, education, and drive will be presented to more employers, especially if the recruiter doesn’t need to make any adjustments. On the flip side, recruiters can’t invest 2- 3 hours in rewriting a candidate’s resume. In fact, some of the best candidates miss out on quality jobs just because of a bad resume.

For the candidates who do secure interviews, they still need to present well to land a job. Job seekers who perform flawlessly in the interview end up with better compensation packages. Combine this with the competitive nature of today’s market, and many private service professionals are earning their highest salary ever.

How do you stack up?
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