Who is The Personal Touch Career Services?

At Personal Touch Career Services, our goal is to empower job seekers with the best and latest tactics for the modern job search. Whether you need a resume and LinkedIn profile or comprehensive job search strategies, we continually research the latest trends to give you a competitive edge in the job market. Plus, we invest the time necessary to fully understand our clients to represent them well in their resumes and other documents.

All our writers, coaches, and strategic partners have been carefully screened to make sure they meet our high standards. Our writers possess years of experience in the career services arena along with relevant certifications and education.


As one of our core values, we will be honest with you. If your resume only needs a few adjustments, we’ll tell you that. If it needs a complete overhaul to reach your goals, we will tell you that. You can count on us to tell it like it is.
We will treat you with respect. Job searching can be demoralizing enough – you don’t need a consultant who will degrade or bully you just to sell you a resume.
When you work with us we wholly work for you. We do not have an outside agenda to try to make you in something you are not. We do not share your confidential information or your job leads.
Our methods are based on eight years of corporate recruitment and two years of private placement. We will teach you the tactics that work, not just clever marketing tricks that may not be effective with the HR department or the hiring manager.
Our rates are published on our website. While it may be necessary to raise our prices on occasion, we will not add extra charges to you without notice.
In some cases, our services may not be right for your needs. We do not offer job placement services, career counseling or aptitude tests. If you need help with areas like these, we know other professionals that we can refer you to.


Donna Shannon

President and CEO

As a former corporate recruiter, Donna Shannon is an expert at navigating the HR maze.  Since 2004, she has taught workshops based on simple yet effective techniques to land a job.  Her acclaimed book, “How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy (2nd Ed)” provides a practical and entertaining guide for the modern job seeker.  As the President and CEO of The Personal Touch Career Services, Donna leads a team of talented writers and coaches to help job seekers represent themselves better.

Prior to establishing the Personal Touch Career Services, Donna served as the HR/ Recruiter for Rocky Mountain PBS (Channel 6) in Denver, CO. In 2005, Donna joined the Starkey International Institute for Household Management. In her new role as the Placement Specialist, she worked directly with candidates to help them gain management positions in some of the most luxurious private homes in the United States.

In 2007, Donna joined Blue Sun Biodiesel in Golden, CO, while continuing to teach job searching workshops on the side. Donna left Blue Sun in 2011 to pursue her consulting business full-time, working with clients in such diverse roles as high ranking medical device/ pharmaceutical executives to new college graduates.  She was honored with the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA) Educator of the Year award in 2014.  Donna continues to teach classes throughout the Denver metro area and has presented at conferences in Dallas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando, and San Diego. Some of her more unique background includes published horror short fiction and a history in broadcasting, including serving as the Morning Show Producer for KBPI-FM. She holds degrees in Music Business Management/ Audio Engineering from the Art Institute of Colorado and a Bachelor’s in Applied Science from Regis University. Donna will always happily talk about her corgi, Pepper, her grandson, Maddox, and the Colorado Avalanche.

Jasmine Giffen

Administrative Assistant and Marketing Coordinator

Jasmine Giffen comes from a unique background, as a professional body piercer with seven years of experience for various shops in the Denver metro area. Throughout their career, Jasmine has managed the social media marketing and branding efforts for their own business.

At PTCS, Jasmine will be helping with marketing content, social media campaigns, customer service, and administrative functions.

In their free time, Jasmine enjoys working in many art mediums, including film photography, charcoal, and textile arts. Jasmine loves to read (high fantasy, horror, and poetry), partake in all things hockey, and collects cool rocks and oddities.

  • Benny C.

    The entire team was extremely profession and accommodating throughout entire process. I had to work with a strict timeline and the entire team jumped in especially Latricia to get the job done ahead of time! Thank you!! 11/20/2017

  • Rachel R

    Donna was incredibly helpful and made a large difference in the ultimate success of my graduate school interviews. After not interviewing for a few years, she brought me up to speed on best tactics, calmed my nerves and helped ensure I could present myself confidently. I would recommend Donna to anyone looking to excel in an interview. 11/18/2017

  • Milo, CJ

    Both Donna and Anne were very quick and professional. I've landed at least one interview because of the work Anne did on my resume. 11/17/17

  • Chey R.

    I needed a LOT of help and Donna worked very hard, all the while being polite and patient when I couldn't understand where she was taking me. I am very happy with my resume and all the help along the way. 10/13/17


Staff Writers and Coaches

Melissa Kelley, CPRW

Career Coach, Staff Writer, Business Development Manager, and Lead Editor

A Certified Professional Resume Writer, Melissa Kelley joined the Personal Touch in 2015. Prior to coming aboard PTCS, she held more than 10 years of successful resume and LinkedIn development work on behalf of U.S. and international clients. Over the years, Melissa has helped a wide range of clients, including students, blue-collar professionals, IT specialists, and C-suite executives. She is especially skilled in working with job seekers who want to change careers entirely. Melissa is PTCS’s recognized expert on federal, military, and military-to-civilian transition resumes, as well as curriculum vitae.
As an editor, Melissa specializes in refining content written by English as a Second Language (ESL) clients. She has experience editing everything from fiction and business emails to research articles and doctoral dissertations. A versatile “Jane-of-All-Trades,” her professional background comprises of work in education, customer support, purchasing, automotive, project/program management, editing, writing, and entrepreneurship.

Melissa is committed to professional development and is being personally mentored by Donna to expand her career coaching services while she pursues additional certifications through the Professional Resume Writers and Coaches Association. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Psychology, English, and Education

Beth Sager

Staff Writer and Head Editor

A self-proclaimed “grammar nerd,” Beth Sager joined the Personal Touch team in 2014. Previously, she established her own resume and professional writing service in 2011. Over the years, she has generated resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and supporting documents for every industry and experience level, from the C-suite to entry level candidates. Her editing work goes beyond just resumes to help people with their academic, professional, and technical writing projects. Prior to starting her writing career, Beth served as a counselor in private practice. On the creative side, Beth is a published poet and accomplished nature and animal photographer. This mix of creative talents, technical writing, and an ability deeply understand her clients helps Beth compose employment documents that reflect each individual’s unique capabilities and personal qualities. Beth holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelors in Music Education. She is passionate about volunteering with rescue cats, especially those with special needs.

Latricia Friend, CHM, MBA

Staff Writer, Career Coach, and Luxury Market Specialist

Latricia joined the Personal Touch in 2013, although she first came to know Donna Shannon in 2007 when she gained her Household Management Certification from Starkey International. In fact, Donna helped place Latricia in her first Household Manager role. Since then, Latricia has worked with professionals in private service, helping them with their resume writing, interview coaching, and self-marketing techniques. Holding exceptional knowledge in the domestic estate management industry, Latricia has worked with clients at all levels in a variety of fields, including management, professional, and administrative. With her background as both a Personal Assistant and Household Manager to High Net Worth (HNW) individuals, Latricia knows what both the Principals and agencies want to see from candidates.

In 2017, Latricia was chosen as DEMA’s Private Service Professional of the Year.  Latricia is a highly active member in the Domestic Estate Managers Association (DEMA), including serving in board roles for the highly acclaimed Tri-State Chapter based in New York.  In addition to her work with PTCS, Latricia runs her own consulting and factional household management business, offering a select roster of clients highly personalized estate management services.  In addition to her Certificate in Household Management, Latricia holds an MBA from Dowling College and a Bachelor of Science from the Utica College at Syracuse University.

Wendy Villalobos

Staff Writer

Wendy has been an enthusiastic storyteller since the moment she first read her first novel. Ever since then, she has always pushed herself to find dynamic ways to bring fresh air into her own words for others. She began her career as a freelance writer and has built her experiences up as a marketer, working on long-term and short-term projects. With an undergraduate degree in English & a Masters in Creative Writing, Wendy continues to seek out ways to teach others the power that words have when they come together and sing. As a long-time Coloradoan, Wendy enjoys spending time in the mountains but is a wanderer at heart who loves seeing new places.

Amy Drayer

Staff Writer

Amy is an engaging author and editor, In addition to her work with Personal Touch she ghost-writes for blogs, websites, social media accounts and enewsletters. She specializes in brand creation and management for companies and individuals of all sizes and shapes. She grew up as a free-range kid on a rural island in the Pacific Northwest, then migrated south to attend Scripps College in California. She worked in politics in Washington, D.C. six years before moving with her family to Denver, Colorado. Amy is also a recent graduate of Lighthouse Writers Book Project and an avid fiction reader and writer of all genres.
  • Fidel C

    In a few words, great services, professional staff and very knowledgeable people, I will definitely recommend Donna and her amazing team, I am glad I called them, now my resume looks just the way I want it, reflects all my work experience and shows all the talents and attributes I possess, very happy with the process and results. 8/31/17

  • Michelle D.

    Very good experience. Resume looks great, received good coaching and material to prepare for different level of the interview process. 8/20/17

  • Lakshmi R.

    I am glad I contacted Donna. After 17 years working abroad, coming back to the U.S. market with a five-page resume is obsolete and out of date. Donna's team helped me to create a more up to date resume with supportive addendums showing my most important international projects. Now, I am on the hunt for the right job. 6/14/2017

Ryan Shannon

Chief Operating Officer

While Donna manages many of the creative visions for The Personal Touch Career Services, Ryan Shannon holds oversight of the day-to-day operations of the business.  As the COO, Ryan reviews plans for the company’s direction and maintains control of the financial department. Ryan joined the team in 2009, bringing expertise logistics, distribution, and customer service through his nine years of corporate experience at Johns Manville in Englewood, CO. In addition to addressing customer concerns, Ryan handles the internet marketing and logistics for PTCS ’s books. He has a passion for horror, science fiction, and digital media.

Pepper Shannon

Director of Security

If you are very lucky, you may get a chance to meet our Director of Security, Pepper Shannon. She takes her duties extremely seriously, protecting the office from such threats as postal workers, squirrels, and cats. Pepper is a graduate of the PetSmart Obedience School and is an avid supporter of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Rockies, which helps with adoptions in the Denver area.