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Peak Technical InstituteIf you are looking to expand your knowledge and training for the Private Service industry, Peak Technical Institute teaches two unique programs. With campuses in both Tennessee and Colorado, Peak offers a variety of classes to cover virtually any topic the busy Private Service professional could possibly need. We had a chance to ask Theresa Stratton a few questions to get the inside scoop on their campuses and would like to share the responses with you:


How long have you been in business?

The genesis of Peak Technical Institute’s Professional Household Management (PHM) and Social Decorum Academy (SDA) programs stemmed from the Enlisted Aides PHM Certification program, which has been in operation since 2009.


In a nutshell, what do you teach?

Through the PHM program, we teach the fundamentals of management, leadership and responsibility for individuals who wish to administer both private and public estates.

Topics Covered: Professionalism; Sustainability Binder Development; Household Administrative Management; Housekeeping; Laundry; Wardrobe Management; Table Setting & White Glove Service; Global Etiquette & Protocol; Wine 101, Spirits, Mixology & Service Seminar; Event Planning; First Aid; Site Survey, Security Assessment & Protective Detail; Alarm Systems & Surveillance Assessment; Natural, Chemical/Nuclear Disasters & Contingency Plans

Through SDA, we teach the necessary skills and knowledge in business etiquette, international protocol, dining proficiency and leadership skills.

What makes your training unique?

Our trainings go above and beyond the typical courses of their kind to ensure that participants leave with the confidence required to use the skills they learn with exacting precision and care for each situation they are in.

Both programs are unique, providing participants with hands-on instruction and intensive real-world experience. Whether managing dining and social events or household and security situations, we help our students build a strong platform of knowledge, confidence and authority.


How long are the courses?

The PHM course is 175 hours over four weeks.

SDA offers three individual courses, each four hours in length. These include Outclass the Competition with Luncheon Tutorial®; How to Succeed in the International Arena with Working Lunch®; and Dine Like a Diplomat with World-Class Reception & Dinner®. Additionally, we offer a discounted package for clients who wish to attend all three seminars, which can be taken over a five-month period.


How frequently are the programs run?

Courses are held five times per year.

Do you have an online or correspondence courses?


What are the requirements to attend your school?

We have ten enrollment prerequisites. These are found on our site under the application process.

Who is your ideal student?

The ideal PHM student is one who is passionate about the service management field, whether they have little experience or a decade of experience. They must have a desire for excellence in their field.

We encourage anyone with an interest in bettering their dining and etiquette skills to attend an SDA seminar. These classes are essential for the academic, corporate and social communities. Additionally, we are passionate about making this course available to anyone who wishes to join us.

Do you offer placement assistance to your graduates? What is your placement rate?

We facilitate relationships with placement agencies because we believe that building a firm relationship with both students and employers ensures a high rate of job acquisition and satisfaction to help build careers with long-term benefits.

Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes, we are proud members of the Domestic Estate Managers Association, Protocol School of Washington, Knoxville Chamber of Commerce, Blount County Chamber of Commerce and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses.

Are you accredited? If so, with what entity…

Yes, PTI is authorized for operation as a post-secondary educational institution by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the Colorado Higher Education Commission.

How much does your program cost?

Investment in PHM is $9,500. Room and Board is included in the tuition cost for classes scheduled in April and July.

SDA seminars are $250-$300, depending on the program. All three courses can be purchased for $700.

Are financial aid, scholarships or payment plans available?

We offer a competitive payment plan on a limited-basis for individuals who wish to finance their tuition.

How can people contact you?

Find more information at , call us at 1-855-399-PEAK, or contact our recruiter, Theresa Stratton, through email at

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