Educator Spotlight: Charles MacPherson Butler Academy

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charles macpherson butler academyLocated in Toronto, Canada, the Charles MacPherson Butler Academy has been preparing individuals for private service careers since 2009.  Started by Charles MacPherson, an experienced international butler and author of “The Butler Speaks: A Guide to Stylish Entertaining, Etiquette and the Art of Good Housekeeping” (Random House, 2013), the school focuses on a mix of technical skills and management concepts to prepare students for such jobs as Estate Managers, Household Managers, Personal Assistants and Major Domos in addition to traditional Butler roles.

One of the truly unique aspects of the school is their approach to placement after graduation.  In addition to being exposed to placement options through Charles MacPherson Associate’s placement division, they also present their graduates to other agencies for consideration.  Graduates benefit from Charles’ reputation in the industry for producing quality candidates, especially those seeking to transfer into the industry from another profession.

In this month’s Educator Spotlight, Charles tells us more about his Academy..

1. How long have you been in business?

Our school has been open & certified since 2009.

2. In a nutshell, what do you teach?

Our specialty is both Household Management and Butlering Skills for the 21st century.

3. What makes your training unique?

When you visit our website you will see from the videos that we have a “household management laboratory,” This allows us to be hands on while we teach our students.

4. How long are the courses?

The current program is one month for your full certification, but you can take classes for one day, one week or whatever is your personal interest.

5. How frequently are the programs run?

Currently three times per year: Winter, Spring and Fall

6. Do you have an online or correspondence courses?

We do not at this time. We strongly feel you need to learn with our teachers hands-on.

7. What are the requirements to attend your school?

You must have graduated high-school or complete and high-school equivalent test.

8. Who is your ideal student?

Great question!  Ideally someone with both hospitality experience and management skill set.

9. Do you offer placement assistance to your graduates?  What is your placement rate?

Yes, we proudly offer placement and we currently run a 98% placement with our graduates.

10. Do you belong to any professional associations?

DEMA (Domestic Estate Managers Association)

11. Are you accredited?  If so, with what entity…

We are accredited with PCC (Private Career Colleges), which Is governed by the Ministry of Education for Canada.

12. How much does your program cost?

The one month program is $7,500 (Canadian) for the materials and classes.  Boarding an additional expense, which is not furnished by the school.

13. Are financial aid, scholarships or payment plans available?

Not at this time.

14. How can people contact you?

The best is either by telephone 416.369.1146 or our website


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