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British butler institute logoAs a new feature of my blog, I am expanding our popular Spotlights to include the schools and educators in the private service industry.  Our first participant is The British Butler Institute in London, England.  Director of Training Gary Williams gives more insight into this school that upholds the standards and attitudes of traditional English butler.

 1. How long have you been in business?

The British Butler Institute was established in 1997.

 2. In a nutshell, what do you teach?

We train butlers, both new and experienced.  We have a finishing school as well, which teaches etiquette and social graces to CEO`s, professionals, celebrities, embassy staff and diplomats, presidents of large corporations, royalty, models, luxury retail and corporate clients.

For our butlers, we concentrate on job skills essential to be successful in their positions.  The curriculum includes a Cooking Master class, Mixology, Flower Arrangement and Design, Concierge Lifestyle Management Skills, Pet Care and our own Finishing School.  We teach true Butler poise and deportment.

 3. What makes your training unique?

Our students and our clients come to us to receive traditional and contemporary English Butler training.  Our principals from across the globe want the English style in their homes and businesses.  The school opens doors for our graduates, and then it really is up to them to succeed and be good at their jobs.  We try to give them the best practical skills to do so.

We do cap the students at 15 per class.  If we determine that one of the students really is not suitable for this profession in the first three days, we will dismiss him or her and return their tuition.

 4. How long are the courses?

The Butler training is offered as a four week program and a 5 day program.  The Finishing School classes are available in three hour, one day or two day courses, or bespoke according to your needs.

 5. How frequently are the programs run?

The Butler programs are run twice a year, one starting in March and the other in September.  The Finishing School is run throughout the year.

 6. Do you have an online or correspondence courses?

No, because we don’t believe that these skills can be taught through an online or correspondence course.  Our clients want people with practical experience.  One advantage with our location here in London is that we are situated near some of the oldest shops in the world.  Plus, we give the students hands-on experience with luxury items, such as our Bentleys.

 7. What are the requirements to attend your school?

The student must speak English and be over the age of 16.  Our fees are high, which is actually part of the screening process.  We do accept students from other countries.

 8. Do you offer placement assistance to your graduates?  What is your placement rate?

60 to 70% of our students are already employed when they attend our school, being sent by their employers.  We do offer a recruitment arm, and use our data base of 6,000 candidates to fill positions.  We also refer our graduates to other London agencies.

9. How much does your program cost?

As of February 2013, the Four-week course costs £4890.00.  The Five Day course costs £1350.00.  The program is non-residential.

 10. How can people contact you?

You can find out more on our website,, or email me at

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