Coming Soon: The 2015 Guide to Private Service Agencies and Educators

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job seeker guide.After several months of development, The Personal Touch Career Services will be releasing the “2015 Guide to Private Service Agencies and Educators” within the next week.

The 2015 Guide to Private Service Agencies is a lists over 20 of the most recognized firms in the United States.  Since 2012, we have been contacting agencies and asking them the same core questions to highlight their target candidates and standard procedures.

Wondering which agencies are willing to work with new household managers? Want to know more about the best local sources for nannies, housekeepers, and support staff?  Interested in the different geographical placement territories that each agency covers?  Then this eBook is for you!

New for 2015: we have added a section specifically for the Educators, including traditional schools like Starkey International and the Charles MacPherson Academy as well as the workshop-based intensive studies offered by Bonnie Low-Kramer, Peter Van Ryder, and others.

In addition to the schools and agencies, editor and career coach Donna Shannon shares valuable information on best practices when working with agencies on your next placement.

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