Agency Spotlight: Mom’s Best Friend Agency

I am always getting asked about who are the best agencies to work with.  To help answer these questions, The Personal Touch Career Services is starting a series of Agency Spotlights to help job seekers find out more about placement agencies in the private service industry.

If you would like your agency featured, please contact Donna at or call 720-341-8229.

Our inaugural agency is Mom’s Best Friend Agency, and their president, Kathy Dupuy:

 1. How long have you been in business?

17 years (since August of 1994)

 2. What makes your agency unique?

  • Comprehensive household staffing for the needs of all generations
  • A 10-step screening process for candidates
  • Fantastic customer service and responsiveness from veteran, experienced staff
  • Professional employment tools and ongoing trainings
  • Post-placement support for reviews, industry advice and problem resolution

3. What types of positions do you place?

Nannies and babysitters, household staff (personal assistants, housekeepers, chefs, household managers, etc), and senior caregivers

4. What is your ideal candidate?

Our top quality we seek is that they are service-hearted. They must have a true desire to make their employer’s life easier, and find enjoyment in doing so. Beyond that, it is a combination of great experience (with verifiable, excellent references), relevant education (if required), professionalism, and a clear background check.

 5. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where?

We have offices (and place) in Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Vail/Aspen.

 6. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.

We feel that experience and stellar references are the true testimony to their abilities. Having an applicable education (such as a degree in Elementary Education, or a training through a private service industry school) is a bonus. Some clients will choose to provide us with minimum educational requirements. (Note: CPR / 1st Aid training is required for all child caregivers.)

 7. Where do you announce your open jobs?

Our website, Facebook, personal calls/emails to candidates available for placement

 8. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

We ask candidates to complete an online application, then come in for an in-person interview. A resume is helpful but not mandatory as most of the information is requested through the online application.

 9. Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes, I am a member and serve on the board of directors for the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, and we are a member of the International Nanny Association, the International Association for Private Service Professionals, and The Domestic Estate Managers Association. I am also on the board of advisors for the Priority Partner Program of Bright Horizons Back-Up Care Advantage Program.

 10. How can people contact you?

Candidates and clients can contact us by phone or email or through our website:


5280 Magazine reveals Denver’s 50 most powerful individuals

For the private service industry, it can be challenging to tap into the hidden job market.  Some of the tactics for corporate job seekers just don’t work as well.  One of the biggest problems is identifying target employers, also known as passive employers.

A passive employer is someone who is not advertising that they have a specific hiring need.  Instead, the job seeker contacts them with a proposal of how they can make their business run more smoothly.  For corporate job seekers, this process starts with identifying target companies and then researching everything they can about that business and it’s industry.

But for private service professionals, it can be very challenging to find who the high net worth individuals are, much less how to contact them.

Here is where articles like 5280’s list of the 50 most powerful persons in the Denver market can help.

Like the Fortune Magazine’s list of 100 Top Companies to Work For, the 5280 list points out names and influential people that aren’t always on the forefront of the news.

The list includes some names you would expect, such as Governor John Hickenlooper, John Elway and Phil Anschutz.  But others aren’t so obvious, such as Dr. Patricia Gabow, the CEO of Denver Health who “remains not only the most powerful health-care figure in the city; she’s one of the most influential voices on health care in the country” (Gardner, Potter, and Hatlestad, 2011).

Other people on the list are note-worthy for their connections – and their ventures.  For example, Gail Clapper is the Director of the Colorado Forum, which is a state-wide political action group comprised of 65 top CEOs in Colorado.  Now there’s an organization whose members could be a savvy Household Managers new employer…

The article also represents a great opportunity.  Not only is this a great way to find out names, it is also an excuse to reach out to the people on the list.  A hand-written note saying “congratulations for making the list” can be a creative way to start opening the door – along with pointing out how having a private service professional to manage their personal affairs can help them stay on the list next year.


Check out the full article at

Personal Touch accepted into DEMA

DEMAThe Personal Touch Career Services has been accepted as an Affiliate Member for the Domestic Estate Managers Association (DEMA).  Acceptance in the organization requires passing a strenuous application process, including reviews of professional references, scope of work and overall reputation in the private service industry.

Currently, The Personal Touch is the only career coaching service for private service professionals listed in among the DEMA service providers.

More about DEMA:

The Domestic Estate Managers Association is a worldwide educational association for the Private Service Community. DEMA was founded in 2007 and is based out of Southeast Michigan in the United States. The Domestic Estate Managers Association was created to provide a forum for Private Service Professionals and certified service vendors interested in better serving and protecting the best interests of their clients. The fundamental purpose of the association is to raise industry standards.

Since it’s founding, DEMA membership has grown to nearly 1,000 members and has expanded into over 41 states and 18 countries.  In addition, the Service Provider Network is host to companies in 10 states and Canada.

For more information on DEMA, visit


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