Agency Spotlight: Pavillion Agency

pavillion agency logoSince their founding in 1962, the Pavillion Agency has gained most of their business and candidates through repeat customers or referrals. With over 50 years in the industry, their reputation for being an effective source for finding top-notch candidates is well deserved. Along with solid recruiting practices, the agency has adopted new technology to stay on the cutting edge of the industry and meeting the ever-increasing demand from principals for the latest technical advances. In addition to their main office in New York, the firm opened a Miami Beach office in 2012. They place candidates in positions across the country, with a focus on Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Greenwich, the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

In today’s Agency Spotlight, Seth Norman Greenberg, their Vice President and Marketing Director, gives us more insight into the long standing and ever-evolving company…

  1. How long have you been in business?

Since 1962.

  1. What makes your agency unique?

Our dedication to integrity, personalized service and client satisfaction. From the very beginning, Pavillion has distinguished itself as an organization with the highest ethical standards and moral values. This is evidenced by the fact that over 90% of our client and applicant base are either repeat customers or personally referred to us. Our reputation is everything. We have set ourselves apart by continuously improving the way we conduct business with innovations unique to our industry.

  1. What types of positions do you place?

Nannies, chefs, butlers, chauffeurs, private security, housekeepers, house/estate managers, personal assistants, baby nurses, domestic couples, laundress/lady’s maids and much more.

  1. What is your ideal candidate?

We look for four key traits. Specifically, someone who is experienced, friendly, accommodating, and flexible.

  1. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where?

Over the past 55 years, we have developed a strong following in many American cities. We have come to identify a group of regions that have the highest demand for our services. While we do place in multiple locations, we have found that by focusing on some key markets, we are able to serve our clients better as well as build a strong network for sourcing candidates.

Following are the primary domestic cities we have a focus on servicing: New York, Miami Beach, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Greenwich, Hamptons, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

  1. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.

Certain positions require a certain education level or skill set.  Any continuing education is a plus.

  1. Where do you announce your open jobs?

Of course, our website is always a good source. We do advertise on and promote our positions through our social media accounts:

Pavillion Website

Pavillion Facebook

Pavillion Twitter Handle- @pavillionagency

  1. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

We would like both.

Apply at

  1. Do you belong to any professional associations?

International Nanny Associtation (INA)

My Nannies Circle

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  1. How can people contact you?

Call our main office at 212-889-6609


Follow us on Facebook-

nanny connections household staffing logo

Agency Spotlight: Nanny Connections Household Staffing

Founded in 1998, Nanny Connections has stood the test of time in helping private families hire talented nannies, baby nurses / Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), private chefs, and household managers. Active in several markets across the country, they exercise their philosophy of high standards of professional conduct, promotion of the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children, and a support of life-long learning for their placements.


In today’s Agency Spotlight, founder and CEO Tiffanie Kinder tells us more about her well recognized agency, which has been featured in such publications as Parents Magazine, Chicago Parent, Yahoo! Celebrity, Parenting OC, and Nashville Parent…


  1. How long have you been in business?

Nanny Connections Household Staffing has been in business since August of 1998.


  1. What makes your agency unique?

Nanny Connections Household Staffing is unique because we have been in business since 1998 and are one of the few agencies with this type of longevity in the industry. All of our exceptional placement coordinators have been a nanny at some point in their career. Also, we all have children of our own and understand both sides of employing a nanny and being a nanny. Our passion for finding the perfect match with a trained eye through rigorous screening and vetting is a key part of our success. Our reputation for quick communication to both candidates and clients exceeds most. We have a very sophisticated database which allows us to serve requests throughout the country.


  1. What types of positions do you place?

We place live in or live out nannies, infant care specialists, baby nurses, household managers, family assistants, housekeepers, chefs and butlers.


  1. What is your ideal candidate?

An ideal candidate to us is someone that is positive, forward thinking, flexible, trustworthy, experienced, honest, extremely reliable with above average references and letters of recommendation from previous employers.


  1. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where:

We primarily place in Beverly Hills, CA, Chicago, IL, Madison & Milwaukee, WI, and Nashville, TN, and the surroundings areas.


  1. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.?

We honor the request of our clients and listen to their criteria preferences. Our candidates all have different levels of educational background and experience.


  1. Where do you announce your open jobs?

We post them on our website and Facebook page.




  1. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

Candidates can begin with sending their cover letter and resume and any letters of recommendation to Our placement coordinators will then contact them with next steps.


  1. Do you belong to any professional associations?

In the past, we were members of the International Nanny Association (INA) and also members of our local Chambers of Commerce.


  1. How can people contact you?

The best way to contact us is to go to our website and click on the location closest to you. Our website is or to speak with us directly call 866-484-5550

Domestic Match logo

Interview with the 2016 DEMA Agency of the Year – Domestic | Match

As a staffing agency, Domestic | Match assists families to find applicants for all household positions – particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area, although they place management-level candidates to families throughout the United States. Founder and Director Daniel Wood’s experience extends to all sides of the hiring triangle as a candidate, a hiring manager, and a third-party recruiter. It is this unique understanding of all facets of the private service market that allows Daniel to make effective matches.

Daniel Wood Domestic MatchLATRICIA FRIEND: Congratulations. How does it feel to be selected as the 2016 DEMA Agency of the Year? What was the reaction of your family/friends/colleagues?
DANIEL WOOD: We are absolutely thrilled to have been chosen as the Agency of the Year by DEMA. We truly have a passion for helping others to succeed in their professional careers, and for bringing a degree of relief to our very busy clients. It is an honor to be acknowledged for what we love to do.

LF: You were missed at the convention and Chef Peter Downs accepted the award on your behalf. He mentioned his friendship and professional association with you. How would you recommend candidates to develop a relationship with a staffing agency?
DW: I am grateful to Peter for accepting the award on my behalf. I have known Peter for many years now and have a great respect for his dedication to his employers and the Private Service profession.

It is so important that candidates understand the importance of developing relationships with the agencies that they choose to have represent them. I believe that the foundation of a healthy agency/candidate relationship is based on honesty and clear communication. When we meet new candidates we really want to know what is important to them, and we need them to communicate with us professionally and quickly. The little things are important to us. Does someone take the time to address us by our names when they email us? Do they send a follow-up note after our initial meeting with them? The details matter. That being said, the responsibility of building a strong relationship should not fall solely on the shoulders of the candidate. We enjoy getting to know our candidates and strive to treat everyone with respect.

LF: When matching domestic staff candidates to client families, what are your keys to success?
DW: The keys to our success are simple really, honesty, excellent service, and paying attention to the small details. Honesty is so vital. We feel strongly that our candidates should have a very clear understanding of a potential new work environment before they make a life-changing commitment to our clients. There are challenges with every position; candidates should know about those challenges and decide for themselves if they wish to proceed with an opportunity. Our clients and candidates are busy. We strive to make the hiring process as seamless and simple as possible. Providing excellent service is a must.

Serving a family in a professional capacity is so vastly different than any other employee/employer relationship. Everyone on my team has worked for families in the past. Our clients and candidates seem to value that greatly. We have a deep understanding of the very intimate employment relationships that develop within a private residence.

LF: How will winning this award affect Domestic | Match?
DW: The most immediate affect has been on my team. We all feel so proud to have been selected to receive the award. In addition, I hope that the award will play a role in helping us to connect with even more amazing people from around the country who are in search of new private service opportunities.

Many thanks to Christofle for their on-going support of the Domestic Estate Management Association. Christofle is a platinum-level sponsor of the DEMA convention and provided the sterling silver awards given each year.

Previous Award Recipients:
2015: Aunt Ann’s In-House Staffing
2014: Robert Hanselman Domestic Agency
2013: Precise Home Management
2012: Distinguished Domestics Services

Photo Credit: Daniel Wood, Domestic | Match

Angles Mannies logo

Agency Spotlight: Angeles Mannies

When most people think of professional, in-home child care, the image of a female nanny comes to mind.  However, there is another aspect of well-qualified child care professionals that are often overlooked: the male nanny, or “manny.”  To serve this interesting niche market, a new agency has surfaced in the Los Angeles area, Angeles Mannies.

Founded by Daniel Butcher, a previous manny himself, this boutique agency strives to match private employers with highly skilled, dedicated, and multi-talented mannies that are committed to the industry.  Many of the mannies hold special certifications, college degrees, or special areas of expertise.

In today’s Agency Spotlight, Daniel tells us more about this interesting take on the traditional nanny industry…

1. How long have you been in business?

I have been placing mannies with families ‘pro-bono’ for a couple of years now, but decided to make it into a business around June/July 2015.

2. What makes your agency unique?
95% of our placement efforts are focused on 5% of the entire childcare population: Male Nannies. My goal is to showcase the different dimension males can bring to domestic childcare.

3. What types of positions do you place?
We focus on childcare placements for the most part and are open to all kinds of domestic positions. For example, we have placed tutors, chefs, personal assistants, sports coaches and swim instructors.

4. What is your ideal candidate?
Aside from a healthy list of requirements and certifications for safety reasons, we look to employ trustworthy, loyal, professional and creative individuals with a passion for childcare who are looking for a career in the industry, not stepping stones to something else.

5. Do you place across the country or locally?  If so, where?
Currently we are only serving the LA County area.

6. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc?
We ask that upon hire, there is proof of CPR/First Aid certifications, TrustLine verification (a legal requirement in California for domestic childcare through an agency), and a college degree or equal qualification.

7. Where do you announce your open jobs?
Open jobs are announced to our existing pool of mannies via email. I am also a huge believer in word of mouth within the neighborhood and community – believe me, word travels fast!

8. How should a candidate apply for a job?  Do you want an online application, resume or both?

9. Do you belong to any professional associations?
I am a member of the International Nanny Association (INA), and am currently looking into Association of Premiere Nanny Agencies (APNA) and the Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA). I will also be attending the Annual INA conference in Washington, DC in 2016.

10. How can people contact you?
People can contact us in a number of different ways

Phone 661-666-1012



We can also be found on Twitter and Instagram (@Angeles Mannies) Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn (

Are you an agency owner? Would you like your agency featured in our Agency Spotlight?  There is no fee!  Contact Donna Shannon at 720-452-3400 to find out how you can be included.  Our Agency Spotlight is provided as a service to job seekers, and is not a statement of endorsement.  All information is  provided by the participating agency.

Agency Spotlight: Casa Bella Residential Staffing

Casa Bella Staffing logoFounded in 2015 and located in Palm Beach, FL, Casa Bella Residential Staffing offers hiring solutions for every role within a private estate, from the Estate Manager to domestic staff roles.  President and founder Isabel Marques has over 15 years of combined experience successfully placing household staff in fine homes across the nation, and working in private homes providing Personal Assistant and Estate Management Services to high net worth families.

Isabel has successfully placed household staff in some of the nations’ most prominent homes, including several clients within the Forbes 400. Because of her experience on both sides of the industry, Isabel’s understanding of client needs and candidate experience often results in the perfect fit.

In today’s Agency Spotlight, Ms. Marques tells us more about what makes her agency unique…

1.       How long have you been in business?

Nine months [as of October 2015 – Ed.], however, my business partner and I have over 20 years of experience in residential staffing and private home experience.

2.       What makes your agency unique?

Our team is comprised of professionals with experience as successful placement specialists and private service professionals. Our security team has extensive experience working within the finest estates and homes across the United States. This knowledge and expertise gives us a unique understanding our clients’ needs as well as our candidates’ experience.

3.       What types of positions do you place?

All Household staff positions, including Executive and Estate Security, Director of Residences, and Chief of Staff

4.       What is your ideal candidate?

Casa Bella Residential Staffing requires each candidate to be professional, discreet, and trustworthy and work with the highest level of integrity. Additionally, they must have verifiable references and must have a minimum of two years full-time professional domestic experience that is relevant to the position they are seeking.

5.       Do you place across the country or locally?  If so where?


6.       Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.?

Special training and college degrees are essential for some positions, however, previous professional domestic experience relevant to the position they are seeking is equally important.

7.       Where do you announce your open jobs?

Our website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Estate & Manor Magazine, and Estate Jobs

8.       How should a candidate apply for a job?  Do you want an online application, resume or both?


9.       Do you belong to any professional associations?

DEMA (Domestic Estate Management Association)

10.   How can people contact you?

Office: (561) 805-9785

Mobile (561) 350-7370

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guide to private service agencies and educators

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Agency Spotlight: Private Chefs Club

private chef club logo

The Private Chef Club offers support for all of their placed chefs

Private Chefs Club is a domestic staffing agency for chefs only. They are the only chef placement agency that provides extensive coverage throughout the whole duration of the placement.

More than just an agency, PCC is a network for private chefs and estate managers that provide direction and guidance for any situation. Some of the services offered include menu development, specialty diets guidance, nutrition information, event planning, party staff employment, consulting on equipment purchasing and pricing for custom kitchens, and much more.

Founder Shlomi Biton tells us more about this unique and new agency in this month’s spotlight:

  1. How long have you been in business?

We were established in April 2015

  1. What makes your agency unique?

The private chef club is a domestic placement agency that is designed to be a network for chefs any their employers.  We provide extensive coverage about anything related to operating in a domestic environment.  We do in-house training for all of our chefs before placing, going over all subjects involving the position. On top of that, we come into our client’s house and streamline their kitchens as far as structure, equipment, cleaning and organizing so that our chefs will have everything they need to preform at the highest level and according to budget.

Here is a list of consultation subjects we cover:

  • Menu planning
  • Special diet planning end execution
  • Nutrition facts and structure
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Party planning
  • Hiring of party professionals
  • Shopping guidance
  • Traveling planning

And much more!

  1. What types of positions do you place?

Long and short term private / personal chefs for the estate and on yachts.

  1. What is your ideal candidate?

A creative and well-versed culinary graduate with clean record all around, and a minimum 5 years’ experience in a domestic setting.  They should be well spoken and possess solid references.

  1. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where

Currently we are only in southern California.

  1. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc?

Yes. Some college experience is helpful, and culinary arts program is a must.

  1. Where do you announce your open jobs?

I have a large date base of chefs already in place, but I also use social media and a few professional websites as well.  Many of our positons are posted on our website.

  1. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

We will accept both the application and / or resume through our website.

  1. Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes. The Le Cordon Bleu.

  1. How can people contact you?


Phone: (310) 773-6343






Agency Spotlight: Distinguished Domestics

Distinguished Domestic logo 2015Awarded the DEMA Agency of the Year award in 2012, Distinguished Domestics is highly respected in the industry.  Located just outside Beverly Hills, California, they are an agency for professionals that truly enjoys the work they do. Respect is the name of their game, and Elise Lewis was kind enough to tell us more about her agency.

1.            How long have you been in business? 

I started my first agency in Los Angeles in 1988, pre computers and before anyone had ever heard of an Estate Manager.  After the birth of my third child I decided to sell the agency.  One year later, in 1990, I opened Kensington Nannies, Ltd. which is still in existence and the parent company to Distinguished Domestic Services.

2.            What makes your agency unique? 

I think what makes our agency stand apart from the rest is the passion that I have for what I do.  Coming in to the office each day doesn’t feel like work to me, I truly enjoy my profession and would not trade what I do for any other job.  I treat each candidate with the utmost of respect regardless if they are applying for a housekeeping position or a $250K Estate Manager’s position.  I value the experience that each professional has acquired over their years of working at private residences.  When meeting with candidates, I give them my undivided attention so that I can truly get to know them and make a long term placement for them.  In addition, I have a very loyal longtime client base, most of whom refer other clients; I have a large “word of mouth” reputation in Los Angeles, which I feel blessed to have.  At this point in my career and based on my years of experience, I try not to work with a client who I know will be trouble and treat their employee’s unfairly.  Also, after years of experience in this field, I am not intimidated to ask details concerning the “vibe” of the Employers demeanor and the working environment.  I am a true employee advocate.

3.            What types of positions do you place? 

We place most positions in a private residence.  Estate Managers, House Managers, Butlers, Drivers, Chefs, Couples, Gardeners, Facility Maintenance Personnel, Personal Assistants, Handymen, Security, Companions, Housekeepers and Nannies.

4.            What is your ideal candidate? 

My ideal candidate is someone who truly enjoys their line of work, is honest, has great references and is willing to commit to a long term placement.

5.            Do you place across the country or locally?  If so where. 

We place all over the country for our clients who are willing to pay relocation; it is usually for the big jobs on an Estate (Estate Managers and/or couples).  Most of our placements are in Southern California and primarily in the Los Angeles area.


6.            Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.?

The degrees/certificates that each candidate has are always a bonus.  We do not require them as criteria to register with us.  However, we do receive specific requests attached to the job order from our clients who may require certain education be mandatory for eligibility.  Our requirement to register with our agency is a minimum of three years’ experience in the field in which you are applying to, with verifiable references.

7.            Where do you announce your open jobs? 

We post them on our website and occasionally we will put them on LinkedIn and/or send out a tweet.  For some of the national searches, we also post on the DEMA website, The Caretakers Gazette website and The Domestic Herald website.

8.            How should a candidate apply for a job? 

Do you want an online application, resume or both?  We have a form on our website that a candidate can fill out which we check daily, if they meet our requirements then we send them our full application.  It is always best to send us a resume as an email attachment.  If they are already a registered applicant, they can either call our office or send us an email.

9.            Do you belong to any professional associations?  

We are a member of DEMA (Domestic Estate Managers Association) and we were awarded The Agency of Year award in 2012.  I have also attended conferences for APNA (Association for Professional Nanny Agencies) and INA (International Nanny Association).

10.          How can people contact you?

We are in the office every day Monday – Friday 9am-5pm.  We welcome phone calls, but would prefer receiving an email with a resume prior to a phone call.  In today’s day and age, emails are a 24/7 thing.

Agency Spotlight: Quintessentially People

Quintessentially people logo agencyWith offices in London, Los Angeles and New York, Quintessentially People serves 80 global locations with regional offices. While known for placing high end private service professionals, they also recruit for the corporate sector with Personal Assistants and office support roles. They have a job board they use for their candidates, placing for positions not just here in the US, but internationally as well.

In today’s Agency Spotlight, Carmen Garcia, the New York Director for Quintessentially people, tells us a little more about her company…

1. How long have you been in business?

Quintessentially People was started in London in 2011, then opened the New York office 2 years ago [2012]. The LA office a year ago [2013] and our newest office in Fort Lauderdale will open this year [2014].

2. What makes your agency unique?

Firstly, we have the advantage of being part of the largest lifestyle business in the world, the Quintessentially Group. The Group has offices in 80 cities globally, with over 30 sister businesses. Secondly-What makes Quintessentially People unique is the people that work for the company. Each of us has had experience working in some of the top agencies in New York City. Each of us specializes in one field of recruiting. This allows our clients to work one on one with a recruiter that can provide the best qualified candidate for their specific need. We look for top candidates that have long term references, these reference checks are completed before we represent any of our candidates to our clients. We meet every single candidate that we are presenting to our clients, as well as run background checks and extensive references checks. We work with families and individuals all over the world providing top notch services. We have an extensive network of applicants to meet the specific needs of our clients.
3. What types of positions do you place?

Our departments at Quintessentially People include:

– PA & Office Support (Corporate and Private)
– Luxury Brand Placements and Executive Search
– Household Staff such as Chauffeurs, House/Estate Managers, Executive Housekeepers and Domestic Couples
-Childcare such as Nannies, Baby nurses, Babysitters and Travel Nannies
– Chefs
– Executive Security and Security Consulting
– Yacht Crew

4. What is your ideal candidate?

Our ideal candidate will have 5 plus years’ experience in their field, process long term verifiable references and conduct themselves in a professional manner.

5. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where?

We place candidates worldwide but our main focus in the US is providing our services nationwide, including, but not limited to, New York, California and Florida. Our UK office focuses on international placements.

6. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc.

We look for special training or certifications depending on the needs of our clients. We require different qualifications specific to each opening.

7. Where do you announce your open jobs?

We announce our open jobs on our website
We also work closely with candidates that are part of our extensive database.

8. How should a candidate apply for a job? Candidates should apply to us via our website or they can call and email us directly. Do you want an online application, resume or both?

9. Do you belong to any professional associations? 

Yes, we are a member of BNI the largest business networking group in the world.

10. How can people contact you?

They can contact me through email / Phone 646-607-5733


Agency Spotlight: Hire Society

Hire Society logoA relative newcomer on the luxury recruitment field, Hire Society was founded in 2012. Since then, they have built a reputation for making quality placements for all levels of domestic staff or management roles. What truly makes them unique is offering a mix of both corporate and residential positons.

In today’s Agency Spotlight, Aleth Boisset tells us more about this robust agency…

1. How long have you been in business?

Hire Society is a boutique staffing agency that specializes in the areas of home, administrative and executive job placement. Our clients are comprised of private residences, corporations, and high net-worth individuals, all seeking stellar and superior candidates to bring onto their respective teams.
At present, we have three offices; our flagship on Madison Avenue in New York City, our second office on Main Street in Bridgehampton, NY, and our third in Palm Beach on Worth Avenue. Though each office maintains its own members of leadership and subsequent team, all locals work collectively on many if not all assignments.

2. What makes your agency unique?

Hire Society prides itself on its outstanding and unified team. Unique to our agency is the past hospitality or private home experience brought to the table by each individual employee. Though other agencies serve similar clients, none have the background and level of hands-on understanding that all Hire Society staff possess.

3. What types of positions do you place?

Our position titles fall under one of two categories, “Corporate” and “Domestic.” Each client, company and home is unique. What one may title a “House Manager,” another may title a “Personal Assistant,” “Executive Housekeeper,” or “Estate Manager.” Thus, it is important to always keep in mind the specific needs of each client and what job requirements and specifics they are looking for. Though the title may seem most important at first, it is only a minor detail as compared to the responsibilities noted under each listed job.

4. What is your ideal candidate?

An ideal candidate to Hire Society is one that takes esteem pride in his or her work and loves deeply their specific field of service. He or she will have excellent longevity in all roles, outstanding references from both current and previous employers and an incredibly hands-on attitude where no task is too vast or too small.

5. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where

Hire Society is everywhere our clients both want and need us to be. With three locations across the US as well as recruiters stationed globally, we have the ability to source and place candidates not only in the United States but throughout Europe and worldwide.

6. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc

College degrees, certifications and additional trainings are of priority when speaking to the requirements our clients uphold for their respective positions. Thus, any candidate who brings to the table a robust array of training and education most certainly has an upper hand.

7. Where do you announce your open jobs?

Available positions for apply can be located on our website,, on Estate Jobs, Career Builder, LinkedIn, and an additional assortment of genre-specific posting portals.

8. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

For any candidate interested in applying, best practice is to log onto our website and complete a candidate Profile. Immediately following their submission a skilled recruiter will actively reach out in response and gauge appropriate next steps.

9. Do you belong to any professional associations?
Hire Society employees are all independent members of numerous clubs and professional associations in their respective locales. Inclusive in these memberships are DEMA Tri State, DEMA Hamptons, DEMA Palm Beach, NY Celebrity Assistants, and a host of additional genre-specific groups.

10. How can people contact you?

We look forward to entertaining any strong application via our website, or our direct submission addresses as follows, by location:
New York City:
Palm Beach:

We thank you kindly for your outreach in advance!


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