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How to Behave in A Behavioral Interview

How to Behave in A Behavioral Interview 848 566 Donna

Do you struggle with answering behavioral interview questions? Not even sure what they are? Behavioral questions demand that the candidate describe a specific event from their past, such as “tell me about a time that you had to deal with a conflict at work…” These can be challenging, not just because you must think of a situation, but you also must answer the question in detail and conclude with a tangible result. Why They Exist The theory behind behavioral interviews is that your past performance will be indicative of your future behavior. This is why HR and hiring managers alike…

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Pricing changes effective May 15, 2017

Pricing changes effective May 15, 2017 424 283 Donna

It has been quite some time since we have adjusted our prices for our resume and LinkedIn services. To continue to provide our signature, high quality writing services and still keep it cost-effective, we are making some adjustments to our pricing policies, effective May 15, 2017. Resume Packages Effective mid-May, a 5% fee for processing, handling, and shipping costs will be added. We wanted to keep the core price of our resume packages the same, ranging from $299 for entry level, $399 for mid-career, and $499 for senior level careers. When it comes to our executive packages, we encourage you…

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hockey skates

What job seekers can learn from the Colorado Avalanche’s historic season

What job seekers can learn from the Colorado Avalanche’s historic season 744 400 Donna

While other hockey fans are preparing for the playoffs, Avalanche fans are just relieved to see their season end. With a final standing of 22-56-4 for the 2016-17 season, their record was one of the worst in NHL history since the salary cap was put in place. Yet even within this poor performance, there are a lot of lessons for job seekers. Celebrate every victory For me, this was the first year that I bought a partial season ticket plan. Over the course of the season, every time the Avalanche won, the fans lost their minds – especially because it…

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resume writing struggle

7 Ways to evaluate a resume service

7 Ways to evaluate a resume service 849 566 Donna

For many people, writing a resume is a painful process that they only have to dive into every few years. Fortunately, a professional resume writing service can help relieve this burden, especially if they make efforts to stay on top of the latest developments in the modern job search. While having a good service is important, not everyone knows how to find the best company for their needs. Different writers conduct their business in very different ways. To help you determine the right service for you – whether it is with us or another company – consider these seven evaluation…

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Educator Spotlight: Newborn Care Solutions

Educator Spotlight: Newborn Care Solutions 150 150 Donna

Today there is a major shift in hiring trends for high end personal childcare options. Parents are demanding educated and knowledgeable Newborn Care Specialists to care for their infants. To help meet this need, Tonya Sakowicz founded Newborn Care Solutions to train childcare professionals in this specialized field. Offering classes at their base in Scottsdale, AZ, online, and across the country, Tonya was selected as DEMA’s Educator of the Year in 2016. Tonya shares more about her school and this unique niche industry in this month’s Private Service Educator Spotlight… How long have you been in business? We have been…

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nanny connections household staffing logo

Agency Spotlight: Nanny Connections Household Staffing

Agency Spotlight: Nanny Connections Household Staffing 231 124 Donna

Founded in 1998, Nanny Connections has stood the test of time in helping private families hire talented nannies, baby nurses / Newborn Care Specialists (NCS), private chefs, and household managers. Active in several markets across the country, they exercise their philosophy of high standards of professional conduct, promotion of the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of children, and a support of life-long learning for their placements.   In today’s Agency Spotlight, founder and CEO Tiffanie Kinder tells us more about her well recognized agency, which has been featured in such publications as Parents Magazine, Chicago Parent, Yahoo! Celebrity, Parenting…

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sarcastic job interview questions

Snarky Answers to 6 Common Interview Questions

Snarky Answers to 6 Common Interview Questions 786 611 Donna

Everyone knows some job interview questions just beg for a snarky answer. Wouldn’t you love to once, just once, really say what’s on your mind? Enjoy these forays into the dark side – followed by some suggestions for how to really answer the question if you actually want to get the job. Q: “What’s your greatest weakness?” Snarky Answer: “Bourbon!” Oh, there are so many tempting answers for this asinine question: alcohol, sleeping in late, slacking off at work, chocolate… just take your pick. In reality, what employers want is either a prepared answer or one that would make it…

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linkedin cardinal sin lust

LinkedIn Cardinal Sin: Lust

LinkedIn Cardinal Sin: Lust 849 566 Donna

On the surface, this may appear to be the most obvious “LinkedIn Cardinal Sin” to avoid. After all, this is NOT a dating site, so lust shouldn’t be part of it, right? However, there is more to the concept of lust than the sexual aspect. When we look at it from a different point-of-view, lust is the ultimate concept of using other people to get what we want. And using people is definitely a huge LinkedIn Cardinal Sin. I WANT IT NOW Just like Veruca Salt, the spoiled brat from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” someone consumed with lust wants…

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resume key words

6 easy ways to customize your resume

6 easy ways to customize your resume 726 661 Donna

In general, I am not a fan of customizing the resume for every single job. The chances of making mistakes are just too great, not to mention the stories of people who spend literally hours on a single customization just makes me shudder. However, there are times that some adjustments are necessary to get through HR’s screening processes. This is especially true if the job seeker’s positions only turn up rarely or are highly specialized. The good news is that it is possible to customize your resume quickly without going crazy. It’s just a matter of a few simple tricks:…

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New Year’s Checklist for Job Seekers

New Year’s Checklist for Job Seekers 150 150 Donna

I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions, especially since I am so good at breaking them. However, I do recognize that now is a great time to set up my strategies and plans, which usually involves creating a robust and proactive checklist to kick things off. Job seekers can use this same strategy to make the most of the upcoming busy hiring season. Update your resume While this seems to go without saying, you need to review your resume. But when you give it the once-over, look at more than if your experience is current. To pass…

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