Fall hiring season heats up

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In case you hadn’t noticed, August 2011 showed an increase in the amount of recruiter jobs posted on conventional employment websites like Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com.  That’s good news for the rest of the job market – it means that employers are still planning to do their hiring push for the fall months of September, October and November.

Traditionally speaking, companies hire in the fall to take advantage of their remaining budget for the year.  Many departments face a “use it or lose it” ...

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5 Signs that you might not want this job

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It can be very exciting to get a job offer, especially if you’ve been looking for a while. However, taking a job that isn’t the right fit can be devastating – either you are miserable, or worse, you leave after only a couple of months.

So how can you spot these bad situations before you are in the job?

Paying careful attention to these tell-tale signs of a “loser” job can save you tons of grief:

1. Unreasonable salary expectations

If the job description ...

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