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4 Job Searching Tips for the Pandemic

Now isn’t the time to sit back and let your job search flounder. Even with the world seemingly shut down, you need to maximize your job search potential by implementing these 4 essential tips.

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Job Seekers: Don’t Make These Fatal Mistakes

Job Seekers: Don’t Make These Fatal Mistakes

Most savvy job hunters are familiar with the age-old traps: using the right keywords, or avoiding spelling and grammar errors. However, mistakes now can be so insidious, you may not even realize you’re making them. Are you making these 7 fatal errors?

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The Entrepreneur Job Description

A job description’s value extends way beyond just being a tool to hire new employees. In fact, they can help establish expectations, identify areas of weakness, and give direction to the workday. Interestingly enough, most entrepreneurs and business owners fail to write a job description for themselves. As a result, they perform their work “on instinct;” in the end, this results in overlooking key functions that can slip out-of-mind.

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What are You Doing All Day? The Job Seeker’s Job Description

“You should treat your job search like a job.” Chances are, you have heard that cliché before. But what does it mean? Most people assume that it relates to the number of hours they spend on their job search. They mentally commit 40 hours or more a week to their job search, but struggle with how to fill those days.

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A Career Lesson from “Alice in Wonderland.” Where do you want to go?

How many times have people let their career just “happen,” instead of planning on where they want to go? It is easy to become complacent, letting those dream jobs stay exactly that – dreams. The difference between a dreamer and a doer are not necessarily the goals, but the decision on which path to follow.

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Are You Living in the Problem or the Solution?

I have realized that I only follow one positive source a day… but I will happily follow all the negative stuff in my feed. I don’t think that’s the way to build a positive outlook… Time to get out of the problem!

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