Agency Spotlight: Private Chefs Club

Agency Spotlight: Private Chefs Club

Agency Spotlight: Private Chefs Club 150 150 Donna
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The Private Chef Club offers support for all of their placed chefs

Private Chefs Club is a domestic staffing agency for chefs only. They are the only chef placement agency that provides extensive coverage throughout the whole duration of the placement.

More than just an agency, PCC is a network for private chefs and estate managers that provide direction and guidance for any situation. Some of the services offered include menu development, specialty diets guidance, nutrition information, event planning, party staff employment, consulting on equipment purchasing and pricing for custom kitchens, and much more.

Founder Shlomi Biton tells us more about this unique and new agency in this month’s spotlight:

  1. How long have you been in business?

We were established in April 2015

  1. What makes your agency unique?

The private chef club is a domestic placement agency that is designed to be a network for chefs any their employers.  We provide extensive coverage about anything related to operating in a domestic environment.  We do in-house training for all of our chefs before placing, going over all subjects involving the position. On top of that, we come into our client’s house and streamline their kitchens as far as structure, equipment, cleaning and organizing so that our chefs will have everything they need to preform at the highest level and according to budget.

Here is a list of consultation subjects we cover:

  • Menu planning
  • Special diet planning end execution
  • Nutrition facts and structure
  • Equipment purchasing
  • Party planning
  • Hiring of party professionals
  • Shopping guidance
  • Traveling planning

And much more!

  1. What types of positions do you place?

Long and short term private / personal chefs for the estate and on yachts.

  1. What is your ideal candidate?

A creative and well-versed culinary graduate with clean record all around, and a minimum 5 years’ experience in a domestic setting.  They should be well spoken and possess solid references.

  1. Do you place across the country or locally? If so where

Currently we are only in southern California.

  1. Do you look for any special training or certifications, such as college degrees, private service schools, etc?

Yes. Some college experience is helpful, and culinary arts program is a must.

  1. Where do you announce your open jobs?

I have a large date base of chefs already in place, but I also use social media and a few professional websites as well.  Many of our positons are posted on our website.

  1. How should a candidate apply for a job? Do you want an online application, resume or both?

We will accept both the application and / or resume through our website.

  1. Do you belong to any professional associations?

Yes. The Le Cordon Bleu.

  1. How can people contact you?


Phone: (310) 773-6343






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