3 ways to make your summer job search suck less

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Resume TipsMotivation can be hard to come by, especially when trying to hunt down the job you love in the middle of summer when all you really want to do is go out camping, swimming or to your favorite theme park. There are always more fun things to do than sitting in-front of your computer tap-tap-tapping away while your friends are out enjoying their lives.

I’ve done the math; there are exactly one million things I would rather be doing than following up on emails, making phone calls and generally being an adult. Adulting is hard, man! Alas, the days of youth and a three month break from responsibilities are gone. You are a grown person, with important grown-up things to do. Yes, life is hard. Get a helmet.

However, there are plenty of ways to make things better for yourself in such a trying time, such as:

#1: Accept the fact that some employers are on vacation

You are not the only one that has been looking forward to the summer months. HR has put in their time off requests, CEO’s are in the Bahamas and even the janitor has more thrilling things to do than scrub toilets with a zeal normally reserved for a riveting game of watch-the-paint-dry. People want to be out in the world and enjoying it before the leaves turn and the winter once again befalls the land.

In terms of employers, you usually won’t see as many job postings out there. The market becomes over-saturated with other people just like you looking to snag the job you’ve been looking for.

The key here is to be patient. It may take people longer to get back to you than you are used to, and that is ok. Keep sending out those resumes and emails, but be prepared to wait longer for a response. In the meantime you should:

#2: Go out and enjoy yourself

Just because you are looking for a job does not mean you have to become a shut in or a recluse. Go out and have some fun with the summer everyone else is enjoying. Even if you are a bit strapped for cash when it comes to extravagant vacations, there are plenty of free things to do out in the sun while the weather is nice.

Hang out with friends or go on a hike. Heck, even just finding a nice park to hang out at is a good way to refocus. If you are constantly wrapped up in your job search, it can become really discouraging especially when you feel like everyone else is just out having fun.

James Velociraptor

Personally I have taken up the hobby of wrangling dinosaurs and riding them into battle like a majestic steed.


#3: Set aside time to work on sending resumes and other aspects of your job search

Simply setting aside a two hour block of time a day to work on sending out resumes or respond to emails is good, however there are other things you can do to make yourself stand out. Instead of just wasting that time looking at various postings on or you can work on things like your resume, LinkedIn Profile, networking and researching of your target companies.

If you are not getting any responses at all, it might be time to reevaluate your career documents. Make sure you have those key-words in your resume to get your potential employer’s attention and that your profile is engaging.

Researching the companies you are applying for is another good way to spend this time. Who are they? What is their reputation? Are there any people working there in your network that can recommend you? Is there anyone you can connect with? What is their mission statement? Would this be a company you are going to tolerate, or do they stand for something you believe in?

These kinds of questions are important to answer. If a company meshes well with what you believe already, it will show through when you get called in for interviews.

Keep your chin up, take some time for yourself, and stay motivated. I know it sounds like a lot to take in, but really, it’s only two hours a day to be at the computer; don’t waste it by hanging out on Facebook.

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