Business Sample Resume Formats

Resume examples suitable for any industry, including private service, luxury lifestyle management and domestic staff management positions

Straightforward Resume Format

This resume format is a good catch-all that works for practically any industry.  We have created successful executive assistant resumes, sales resumes, management resumes and marketing resumes based on this style. It also works well for personal assistants.

This format is ideal for anyone who has a lot of skills or experience that they need to convey in a concise 2 pages.

Color Sections Resume

Looking for a solid business resume that has some creative splash?  This resume is a great way to introduce color while not sacrificing your professional image.

This resume works well for management, sales, marketing, and other professionals.

Bars Resume

Looking for a clean, polished resume?  This format uses a good balance of white space without sacrificing the details to move your resume through the HR screening process.

Clean lines resume

This resume offers a sophisticated look while keeping crucial information easy to find in the 30-second reading.

Grey lines resume

A balance of content and design, this resume is ideal for anyone who wants a creative feel combined with professional polish.

Block resume

Have a lot of skills or accomplishments?  The block resume shows a balance of both in an easy-to-read format.

Sample News Style Resume

Are you in a creative industry, such as marketing?  A resume that reflects this creative spirit can showcase your potential and get more interviews

Table Resume

Table formats can be tricky, but we know how to work them to get the right outcome.  Table formats are great for technical jobs, such as IT.

Sample Personal Assistant Resume and Biography

Any of our business or corporate resume designs work well for  a personal assistant.  In this sample, you can see how the biography format matches the resume.

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Formal Presentation Resumes

Ideal for private service professionals such as estate managers, household managers, private chefs and nannies who want to include personal information, such as a condensed biography or expanded personal summary.

Estate Manager Resume

Estate Manager resumes often include many details to reflect the wide range of responsibilities they cover.

Nanny Resume

Nanny resumes need a mix of skills, sensitivity and professionalism.

Private or Personal Chef Resume

Chef resumes should reflect the quality and versatility of their culinary expertise.